2012 Consumer Shopping Trends and Insights

The State of Online Shopping 2012

The State of Online Shopping 2012

Equipped with their smartphones and tablets, online shoppers say they’ll be looking for free shipping and real-time discount offers to persuade them to buy in 2012.

With nearly 60% of shoppers expecting to spend more money online in 2012 than they did last year for consumer products, retailers should prepare for a surge in online sales in the coming year.

Shoppers Prefer Free Shipping Over Other Discounts

Free Shipping and Discounts were cited as the top influencers in motivating shoppers to spend more money online, followed by Daily Deals/Flash Sales/Secret Sales.

52% of Tablet Owners Will Spend More Online Using Their Devices

Tablet shopping continues to ramp up, with 52% of respondents who own tablets saying that they will be shopping more on their tablets, and 46% saying that they’ll continue to shop about the same amount as last year. Altogether, 98% of respondents who own tablets state that they will shop with their tablets in 2012.

Mobile shopping, in comparison, looks to have a slower growth year in 2012 with only 37% of respondents saying they will be shopping more with their smartphones this year, and 56% who will shop on their smartphones just as often as last year.

Electronics Are #1 On The Shopping List

Electronics are set to top consumers’ shopping lists in 2012 with 44% of respondents revealing that they intend to spend more on electronics this year than they did last year. Clothing and household goods are likely to experience an increase in online spending as well, with over 30% of shoppers planning to spend more online for these items in the coming year.

49% of Shoppers Feel More Optimistic About the U.S. Economy in 2012


The majority of shoppers are feeling optimistic about the U.S. economy in 2012 and plan to do more of their shopping online this year. 58% of respondents said they will be spending more money online and 38% are planning to spend about the same. This should come as good news to online retailers.

Source: SteelHouse’s State of Online Shopping 2012 survey of more than 300 online shoppers was conducted in correspondence with USamp.