Real Time Offers

The first of its kind

SteelHouse Real Time Offers™

Powered by A2 — Use your site to engage your audience with visually stunning messaging and offers

Breathe New Life into Your Site with Real Time Offers, Powered by A2 Creative

Real Time Offers deliver riveting onsite messaging so good it can’t be ignored. Let our creative team produce visually stunning ads for your campaigns in a fraction of the time. We do this using your existing creative assets enhanced with special effects like scene transitions, countdown timers, dynamic product carousels, lead form or email capture, and more. We’ll handle all the creative, just sit back and enjoy the revenue.

Quadruple Your Conversion Rates and Rake in the Revenue

While double-digit click-through rates might be unheard of for most marketers, some of our clients have seen up to a 20% click-through rate. And our onsite offers get up to 2x more clicks without adding to page load times or draining your internal IT or creative resources.

Maximize the Lift with Consistent Messaging Across All Channels

Introducing Slingshot, our latest technology innovation. With Slingshot, we pair your Real Time Offers with Retargeting display ads to exponentially multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The Perfect Combination — They Want It, You Have It

Use real-time data to serve shoppers onsite offers and give your audience the products they want. Real Time Offers let you reinforce any marketing campaign and personalize offers instantly based on shoppers’ real-time behavior.Our groundbreaking marketing technology analyzes your shoppers’ purchasing patterns, order values, search terms, and so much more to help you deliver intuitive offers to customers while they’re still shopping.

Get an Advisor, Not a Rep

Through actionable analytics, we know what your customers want, and with our A2 Creative Ad Delivery Platform we can target them online better than anyone else. Our dedicated campaign strategists monitor your accounts and work with you to target your customers with
the offers they want.