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Out of every 100 people who visit your site, only about 2 of them will convert after their first visit. Retargeting works offsite to bring the other 98 back. We track your site visitors and consistently message them with beautifully engaging retargeting ads, driving them back to your site for a conversion.

Take Retargeting to the next level with our Slingshot technology and Facebook Retargeting. SteelHouse is the only fully integrated platform that offers Slingshot . . . reinforcing your retargeting ads once the viewer returns to your site.

SteelHouse Retargeting is the best in the industry because with our platform – CANVAS – you’re targeting the right audience, in multiple channels.
  • No limit on the number or types of retargeting segments you can create and target
  • Add Slingshot to your campaign to reinforce your retargeting ads with a personalized landing page once visitors return to your site
  • Now retarget your customers in their Facebook News Feed easily from our User Interface
  • A/B test your campaigns in real-time


Our clients are seeing more than 2x as many click-throughs and 4x higher conversion rates than industry standards.
Most of your site visitors get distracted & leave your site without converting
The SteelHouse CANVAS platform tracks them as they go to other websites
Your customized, rich-media Retargeting ad appears
Upon seeing your ad, they click on it or go directly to your site and make a purchase – victory is yours!
We’re expanding the types of channels you can retarget your site visitors through. We’ve added Facebook Retargeting to our platform, making it even easier to reach your audience where they already are, their Facebook News Feed.
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